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"Im the least with words when she walks by. I wrote it down cause I know that I can’t sing it to her, no I can’t sing it to her"

Carved my initials in this tree about three years ago (Taken with Instagram at Tripoli Rd.)

I need to find someone who plays guitar and/or sings.

To start a bluesy/beachy/countryish band with me. If you fit this description then post in my ask box, I would love to start writing music as soon as possible.

I still buy cassettes, don’t judge me. (Taken with Instagram)

I keep this note I wrote in my ukulele case, underneath my uke, so that every time I pick it up I am reminded why I am learning to play.

(Taken with Instagram)

Spiritual Haze (Taken with Instagram)

Looking for a straight up hippie girl.

Someone that can rock a sundress and a headband, listens to good music, and isn’t boring. Why do you all have to live in San¬†Francisco?

Throwback, best concert. @lionslions (Taken with Instagram)

Taken with instagram